• Want To Make Sure The Selling Process Runs Smoothly? Hire An Inspector For a Pre-inspection Before You List The House On The Market

    Ordinarily, a serious buyer would pay to have a home formally inspected. The goal is to uncover any potential problems before signing on the dotted line, while there’s still time to negotiate. But sometimes, sellers will have their homes inspected before they even put them on the market. Here are three reasons why a pre-inspection may be a good idea. A pre-inspection is a goodwill gesture. It demonstrates a willingness to go beyond what’s expected, and that sets you apart from other sellers. You’re sending a signal that your house is not hiding any concealed damage and that you’re being upfront about the property. All of this can give potential buyers peace of mind and confidence.investors_order_property_inspections-702x336

    Many sellers don’t realize how useful pre-inspections really are. Sellers usually start the selling process assuming that nothing is wrong with their house, because nothing has shown any warning signs recently. Unfortunately, many problems that can go wrong with a home don’t show any symptoms until its way too late. So there could be current issues that have been developing over the past few years, without you knowing.

    A pre-inspection gives you, the seller, a heads-up if there are problems that a potential buyer will likely want repaired. Once you know what’s wrong, you can have those issues fixed before you list. The cleaner and more problem-free you can make your home, the faster it’s likely to sell. Find out how to Identify a Bad Home Inspector.

    Because a pre-inspection lets buyers know what they’re getting from the beginning, they can factor any needed repairs into an offer. And by disclosing all known issues upfront, you’re protecting yourself against claims the buyer might make later, which sometimes result in lawsuits. Check out: How Much Does a Home Inspector Cost?.

    On the other hand, let’s say you don’t have a pre-inspection. During escrow, the buyer’s inspector discovers problems you didn’t know about. You can be sure the buyer will try to negotiate a lower price, which will cost you money and can delay the sale. The buyer might even cancel the contract.

    Assuming you’re not trying to sell a fixer-upper, a pre-inspection can shine a spotlight on your home’s selling points, such as any electrical upgrades you might have had made. If you’re trying to offload a fixer-upper that would give even the Munsters reason for concern, there’s no point in paying for a pre-inspection. But if you’ve maintained your home and want to sell it as quickly, and as profitably, as possible, a pre-inspection is almost always a good idea. For further reading, see: Home Inspection Tips – Mistakes to Avoid.

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    2 thoughts on “Want To Make Sure The Selling Process Runs Smoothly? Hire An Inspector For a Pre-inspection Before You List The House On The Market

    • Sarah says:

      Do inspectors usually catch the big problems though? What if problems happen after the sale?

    • Jose King says:

      Hi Sarah!

      Yes, inspectors catch the major problems. It depends on the quality of the inspector you hire. If issues happen after the sale, there are many possibilities of outcome, however, you will have to contact a real estate attorney should that happen. One way to avoid being stuck with repairs you didn’t know about after the fact, be sure to hire a great inspector.

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